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About Our Company

We are textil company since 1991. We are selling curtains, tablecloths, magnets, pipes for curtains, pins, and many more in chain of our stores. Also we are producing tablecloths, ready made curtains, and different decorations and many different sets of curtains. We are cooperating with companies such as "TAC", "VERDI", "TANRIVERDI", "EUROFIRANY", "HAFT", "WISAN", "BAFPOL", "BOJANEK", "MARCINDEKOR", "ALBANI", "POLDER RIDER" and many more. To take more care of our customers and to give them lots of new patterns, colours and styles, we are visiting different textil exhibitions for example in Poznań, Istambul, Frankfurt. We are trying to have the best possible quality of our designs and to see our customers happy.